“There's a lot of potential for seemingly unrelated disciplines like engineering and sculpture to combine.”

Conor Ward, Combined Degree (BS/BFA)


The School of the Museum of Fine Arts’ affiliation with Tufts University allows for unexpected and exciting collaborations among students, faculty, and staff – across departments, between schools, and throughout the university. The  alliance of three great institutions—Tufts University, with its renowned liberal arts curriculum; the MFA, a world-class arts museum; and the SMFA, a premier art school—inspires  creative, innovative scholarship and arts education.

  • Andy Graydon, SMFA faculty member and a leader of the Senior Thesis program, is co-teaching a class in Spring 2018 with Tufts' Associate Professor of Music Alessandra Campana. The course is titled The Audio-Visual Imagination.

  • SMFA faculty member Mags Harries, who specializes in installation art, is working with campus planning to find a public space on the Tufts campus to build a large-scale sculpture with her students. 

  • The Tisch Library, Tufts' main library on the Medford-Somerville campus, is engaging SMFA artists to do a large installation in the library’s beautiful café. 

  • Andy Graydon, SMFA faculty member and a leader of the Senior Thesis program, is collaborating with the Tufts’ Department of Philosophy to bring philosopher Alva Noë, author of the book Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature, to Tufts, where audience member

  • Engineering Professor of the Practice Roger Patkin taught a Spring 2017 course in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Program (“ELS”) called “Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Impact.” SMFA and ELS students worked together to create an art-selling business that is self-sustaining at each stage of its development and that uses a portion of its proceeds to make a positive difference in our artistic community.

  • Tufts University Art Gallery and SMFA exhibitions collaborated on a show on both campuses called The Ocean After Nature. The exhibition explored the themes of colonialization, globalization, nationalism, and environmental destruction enabled by the human exploitation of our oceans, meshing perfectly with the Mellon-Sawyer Seminar at the Center for the Humanities at Tufts.

  • Khary Jones, an award-winning filmmaker in Tufts' Drama and Dance Department and the program in Film and Media Studies, and first assistant director on the multi-award-winning 2015 documentary He Named Me Malawa, is collaborating with SMFA film artist and former Guggenheim recipient Jane Gilllooly, on a film about the history of race relations in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Tufts’ program in American Studies has invited the artist Wen-ti Tsen as the Knaster Artist-in-Residence for Fall 2017. Wen-ti Tsen will exhibit his works, “Pilgrim Father/Illegal Son” and “Home Town," in the Slater Concourse Gallery and the Remis Sculpture Court, and will teach a seminar and studio workshop that will be open to students at the Medford and SMFA campus. He will also present a public lecture on the Medford campus.

  • The Department of Music collaborated with SMFA’s media arts faculty Kurt Ralske to present a workshop and a concert of improvised music in April 2017.

  • The Photography department recently collaborated with the Tufts LGBT and Latin Centers as well as working with some Latin American Studies professors on hosting a Cuban photographer in residence for a week.