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Ceramics courses focus on the creative and expressive use of clay through a range of approaches, including installation, performance, mixed media, and large-scale commission sculpture. You can explore ceramics through sculptural, painterly, or functional applications. The immediacy of working with clay makes it a unifying material which can quickly move from idea to object, allowing ceramics to operate at an intersection of media and processes. An in-depth experience in ceramics will reinforce practical connections and aesthetic perspectives applicable to all artistic pursuits.                                                

Detailed Studio Information

Main Studio

Space for handbuilding and wheel-work

Equipment includes:

  • (7) Shimpo VL Whisper Wheels
  • (3) Brent Model-C
  • (2) Brent Model-CXC
  • Brent S. R. 36 Slab Roller
  • Bailey 4” Extruder
  • Bailey 9” Extruder
  • Bailey 4” x 6” Tile Extruder with Power Drive System
  • (4) Shimpo BW-25L Banding Wheel
  • Assortment of Hand tools
Dry Room

Space for student work and tools to be stored

Raw Materials Laboratory

Space to research glaze development and to glaze work

Equipment includes:

  • Spraybooth
  • Shimpo ball mill
  • Hand held blunger
  • Dry materials
  • Database computer station
  • HyperGlaze (glaze calculation program)
Kiln Room

The major emphasis is cone 10 reduction. We have also a Raku kiln and offer exploration of primitive firing techniques and a soda kiln.

Gas Kilns
  • Raytheon Down Draft Shuttle Kiln (70 Cu.Ft.)
  • Alpine HF24 Up Draft Kiln (20 Cu.Ft.)
  • School Built Down Draft Kiln (25 Cu.Ft.)
Electric Kilns
  • Bailey 2750 Front Loader Kiln
  • ConArt BX 1822-1 Kiln
  • Skutt KM-1018 Kiln
  • (2) L&L E23T Kiln
  • L&L X3236-D Kiln
  • (2) L&L Doll Kiln
Outdoor Kiln Pad
  • School Built Down Draft Soda Kiln (20 Cu.Ft.)
  • School Built Down Draft Raku Kiln
Mold Shop

Space to make plaster and rubber molds. Other materials used concrete, plastic, foam, resin, ceramic plaster, molding plaster, hydrocal, wax, plaster of paris and moulage. Equipment includes:

  • Assortment of Hand tools
  • Assortment of Surforms
  • Mold Forming Kit (Turning tools)
  • (2) Wax Pot
  • Hotglue guns
  • Roller pins
  • General Purpose Cottle Boards
  • Plaster only Cottle Boards
  • Investment Vibrator
  • Wax Lamps
  • Wax Carver set
  • Porter Cable Heat Gun
  • Hot Wire Foam Factory Foam Cutting Set
  • Large Vacuum Chamber
  • Small Vacuum Chamber