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Exhibition Spaces and Galleries

The Tufts University Art Galleries have two main purposes. First, to bring contemporary works and artists into our community in order to build discourse around contemporary art practice and the professional practice of artmaking. Second, to provide venues for students to exhibit their work—building their exhibition strategies and reaching an audience within the school and in the greater arts community. The Exhibitions team works with faculty and students to facilitate exhibition opportunities across our campuses and at the Museum of Fine Arts next door through specialized programming. Students who wish to gain a greater understanding of exhibition design, execution, and curatorial strategies may apply to join the staff of Exhibitions, or meet with members of the team on an individual basis.

Students have the opportunity to participate in juried, faculty-curated, and self-curated exhibitions in a number of locations on the Fenway Campus including the BAG Gallery, the Well Gallery, the Terrace Gallery, the Dean’s Gallery, the Mural Wall, the Third-floor Student Gallery, the Library Display Cases, and the Second-floor Display Cases.

The Tufts University Galleries showcase emerging and established artists through cutting edge exhibitions and programs. Located in Medford and in Boston, the Galleries function as a meeting space for critical inquiry, artistic practice, and relevant discourse from across the art world. The Galleries oversee exhibitions, public arts programming, and the university’s permanent art collection across Medford and SMFA at Tufts spaces. The Galleries are pedagogical spaces where exhibitions, lectures, performances, and artist residencies converge to animate the intellectual life of the grater university community and beyond.