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Media Stockroom

The Media Stockroom is the central location for a large inventory of general access equipment. Students, faculty, and staff have access to equipment including lights, projectors, and a variety of video and still cameras. Students can be approved to access department-specific equipment once it has been used in a class or individually. The Media Stockroom holds keys to all editing suites and classrooms on the B side of the building. With the largest student staff in the school, the Media Stockroom is open six days a week from September to May.

Media Stockroom Policies

Checkouts: Most equipment can be checked out for a period of 48 hours during the week or 72 hours over the weekend. Phone and computer chargers can only be checked out for 24 hours. Extended checkouts are available to students working on long-duration projects, however all requests must first be cleared with a faculty advisor as well as a Stockroom Manager.

Reservations: Reservations must be made in person at the Media Stockroom window. Reservations will not be accepted over the phone. Equipment may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

Renewals: To renew a piece of equipment that you have already checked out, bring the equipment to the stockroom before the original return time. If the equipment is not reserved for someone else, it can be renewed. Equipment can be renewed twice before it needs to be returned. At this time, extensions will not be given over the phone.

Returns: You are responsible for the equipment you have checked out. Equipment that is stolen, lost, or that is returned damaged, broken, or with missing parts, will accrue a fine to your Media Stockroom record. The amount of the fine is at the discretion of the Media Stockroom managers and based on the issue with the equipment.

Equipment should never be left unattended; this includes any and all darkroom equipment. Leaving equipment on the Stockroom counter or at the guard’s desk does not constitute a return of equipment and is subject to an abandonment fine (an automatic $20.00 fine). If you have checked out equipment, it is your responsibility to return it.

Equipment Authorizations: Authorizations are given for specific pieces of equipment as well as keys to classrooms and studio spaces. If you are unsure as to whether you need authorization for a piece of equipment, feel free to ask a Media Stockroom employee or look at the equipment database on the Media Stockroom website. Faculty members must fill out the Class Authorization form to validate students who have been properly taught how to handle authorized equipment. Students will only be authorized for equipment that their faculty members have cleared them for. Individual student authorizations can also be processed using the same form.

Classes will be given priority access to equipment that is in limited supply. Students cannot authorize other students to use equipment, keys, or facilities. Authorizations for equipment and facilities generally do not expire until graduation. (Some exceptions may apply and are at the discretion of the Media Stockroom managers, faculty members, and Tufts Department of Public and Environmental Safety.)

If you wish to take out a piece of equipment or a key that you are not yet authorized for and will not be authorized for in a class, you can contact a faculty advisor or the appropriate studio manager.

For film processing and darkroom orientation, contact the Photography Area Manager.

Late Equipment: If equipment or keys are returned late, you will be required to pay a fine before you can reserve or check out anything else. The amount of the fine is $20.00 per day for every day the equipment is overdue.