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Papermaking courses explore the possibilities of pulp as a dynamic and versatile material that can be used two and three dimensionally as well as made from a variety of materials (plant fibers, old clothing, and recycled papers). Incorporating papermaking with sculpture, painting, photography, bookmaking, and printmaking can expand and personalize more traditional uses of these mediums.

The Papermaking Studio is equipped with two Hollander beaters, a mixer, a hydraulic press, two drying presses, and a large vacuum table. Courses that teach both Eastern and Western forms of Papermaking are offered, and students learn how to make paper from a variety of materials, including Asian plant fibers, cotton, old clothing, and recycled papers. All currently enrolled Papermaking students will be offered storage space for their fibers. Students are heavily encouraged to explore the possibilities of pulp as both a two and three dimensional form, and to expand their practice through explorations of printmaking, bookmaking, and photography in in their papermaking projects.