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Mission Hill Fabrication Studio

The Fabrication Studio is a dedicated communal building space at the Mission Hill studio building. We provide a wide range of tools, equipment and consulting service to facilitate a breadth of different experimentation in construction.

In addition to most general woodworking equipment, the Mission Hill Studio also has a sheet metal cutting shear, a small brake, a metal cutting bandsaw, and a large assortment of general handtools to support everything from making canvas stretchers, flasks for mold making, or mechanical metal construction.

Policies for use: All SMFA students are welcome to use the Mission Hill Studio, provided they complete the safety training class provided by the studio manager and sign the studio use compliance form.

Fenway Woodshop

The Fenway Woodshop is available for use by all members of the SMFA community for building anything with wood--from painting stretchers to complex sculptures.  Authorization to use the shop requires the completion of a safety training workshop with the Studio Manager during which you will learn to use the tools safely.  We are available for 1:1 consultations to help you plan and execute your dimensional project, regardless of medium.