Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education (MAT) program prepares artists to teach in elementary, middle and high schools with a critical focus on both contemporary visual culture and traditional arts. The resources of the Medford/Somerville and SMFA Fenway campuses combine to enhance your understanding of urban and multicultural education and to develop your capacity as a reflective studio artist.

The studio component of the program intersects with art teaching methods, art education curriculum development, visual-critical studies and supervised pre-practicum internships in public schools and at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Full-time practicum internships in urban, suburban and urban-rim communities engage MAT students in the study, analysis and production of visual culture with youth in the classroom.

MAT students graduate with an MAT degree from Tufts. You will complete a 12-month program of study in education foundations, art theory and curriculum and studio art. Many MAT students start with three education classes at Tufts in the summer, then take eight studio credits and two art education classes in the fall. They then complete their course of study in the spring with a student-teaching internship that includes a weekly seminar and an art curriculum development course.

When you graduate, you'll be eligible to apply for grades PK-8 or 5-12 Massachusetts Initial Teaching Licensure in Art Education. 46 states have signed the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification contract with Massachusetts for interstate license reciprocity.


Susan Barahal
Director, Art Education