In the final year of study, you have the option to apply to our Senior Thesis Program. Thesis students participate in a year-long trajectory of research, writing, art-making, and career-building centered around critical dialogue with peers, faculty, visiting artists, and arts professionals. 

For those students who are accepted, this program acts as a capstone to the undergraduate experience, helping them to assess the progress they’ve made and clarify the directions they’ll take next. Students work closely with a dedicated set of Senior Thesis faculty towards a final public exhibition. Along the way they cultivate skills in the planning and development of ambitious projects, form durable bonds with their classmates, refine writing and professional presentation, all while honing their concept and craft. The professional practices developed during Senior Thesis serve as a platform for the development of an ongoing, independent art practice.


2018-2019 Exhibition

Liminal Space presents the work of 13 artists from the 2018-2019 Senior Thesis Program.


Liminal Space, a term to describe the transition between past and future, showcases emerging artists from different backgrounds, coming together to speak of their own experiences. Over the past year, the artists have been given an opportunity to reflect and cultivate their understanding of the world, affected by the macro and micro spheres of influence, from the personal to global. 

Liminal Space challenges physical and mental realities in conjunction with unlayering and dismantling facades created by society. These facades have become a part of the human condition and by finding ways to survive, cope and heal from these events and histories, we hope to shed light on the quiet shadow these complex truths have cast on contemporary perspectives of life and identity.

2017-2018 Exhibition

In Search of Coalescence highlighted the work of the 20 artists selected from the 2017-2018 SMFA Senior Thesis Program. The exhibition reflected each artist’s yearlong process, enveloped under a wide range of individualized mediums and concepts. Over the course of the fall and spring semesters, each artist was provided with the opportunity to collaborate with peers and faculty in order to execute a self-guided body of work. The works displayed range from digital media, performance, and installation to painting, photography, and sculpture, to encompass a collective exhibition.