"I believe that your toolbox should be as big as it can be to express what you need to say."

Celia Glastris, Combined Degree BA/BFA

BFA Coursework

The SMFA at Tufts BFA program provides the opportunity to combine intensive studio arts training with an in-depth, rigorous liberal arts education. The curriculum is entirely elective; you are free to select the courses, faculty members, and resources deemed important to your artistic development. Working closely with faculty mentors and academic advisors, students curate their own curricular pathways in a variety of mediums. In addition to studio coursework, students take courses in the liberal arts and sciences on both the Medford and Fenway campuses.

Studio Courses

Our open studio curriculum allows for more flexibility than a traditional major. You will forge your individual BFA pathway through one-on-one mentorship and close academic advising while creating and challenging your art practice.  Our unique approach prepares students for a rich interdisciplinary practice as a contemporary working artist.

Students may explore traditional or hybrid practices supported by an array of spaces and resources on our campus. As a graphic designer, for example, you might explore how printmaking or animation enriches your practice.

The following disciplines offered at SMFA serve as a guide, allowing you to build an individualized set of skills and experiences to carry into your professional career.

Digital Media
Graphic Arts
Graphic Design

Explore our spaces & resources.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

In addition to your studio art curriculum, your required liberal arts and sciences courses will expose you to a range of academic offerings on the Fenway and Medford/Somerville campuses. 

Writing Requirement

The development of written communication skills is fundamental to an undergraduate arts education. All BFA students are required to take two semesters of college writing in order to graduate. Most students complete this requirement by taking English 1 or English 3 in the first semester and English 2 or Philosophy 1 in the second semester.

History of Art

All BFA students are required to take 5 courses in the history of art as part of their academic requirements. In their first semester, first-time BFA students take Introduction to Visual and Critical Studies. The other 4 courses in the History of Art requirement can be satisfied by completing any courses in the Visual and Critical Studies department based on the Fenway campus or in the Art History department based on the Medford/Somerville campus. This allows students to choose art history courses from across disciplines and eras that support individual interests.


There are a variety of ways the Language/Culture requirement can be satisfied including foreign language study or the study of a specific culture through courses taught in English.


The BFA Science/Technology requirement can be satisfied by any course that meets the Mathematics or Natural Science requirement for Liberal Arts students.

In addition to the above distribution requirements, students must also complete 1 full-credit course in the Social Sciences and Humanities as well as 3 Liberal Arts elective courses, which can be any academic course offered on either the Fenway or Medford/Somerville campus. One Liberal Arts elective requirement can be satisfied by an art history course either through the Visual and Critical Studies department on the SMFA campus of the Art History department on the Medford/Somerville campus.

Credit Requirements

Studio Art
19 Credits
Art History
5 Credits
2 Credits
Social Science
1 Credit
1 Credit
1 Credit
1 Credit
LA/Science Electives
3 Credits
33 Credits