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For over 140 years, SMFA alumni have shaped the arts landscape across the globe.

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Friends of SMFA at Tufts Facebook Group

Friends of SMFA at Tufts is a Facebook group and a shared interest group. Its mission is to provide friends and graduates of SMFA with a sustaining connection to the school; to provide opportunities for professional enrichment, networking, social connection, and alumni engagement; and to facilitate welcoming SMFA alumni and friends into the Tufts Alumni community in a meaningful way. Also, if you have an upcoming event or opportunity to share – the Facebook group is a great place to do it!

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Alumni Benefits

All graduates of SMFA are able to take advantage of the following perks:

Alumni Email Address

Alumni email offers a forwarding email address that won't change when your job or email provider does. Activate your email alias, and you won't have to notify everyone each time your address changes. You'll simply have to update your alumni email account, and we'll continue to forward your mail to your current address. Log into the Tufts Online Community to activate or update your alumni email forwarding address.

Art Sale

All SMFA alumni can participate in the annual SMFA Art Sale. For details on how to submit, visit the Art Sale page.

Career Services

Alumni can find or post jobs and participate in webinars and workshops offered by the Career Center throughout the year. Email Ryan Smith, Assistant Director, Career Advisor, for the Arts at for details.

Continuing Education

Alumni receive a $100 discount on all continuing education courses!

Insurance Coverage

SMFA at Tufts alumni have access to auto, home, health, renters, travel, and pet insurance. A licensed insurance professional is available at no charge to answer questions and provide customized guidance. For more information, visit or contact the program administrator at 800-635-7801.

Library Access

Alumni can set up Library accounts by stopping by the SMFA library or by contacting Library Assistant Lauren Kimball-Brown. Your library account gives you access to all Tufts Libraries including the SMFA Library. Accounts are good for one year and can be renewed annually.

Traveling Fellowship Program

One of the largest endowed art school grant programs in the country – currently totaling $80,000 to $100,000 annually – the Traveling Fellowship program awards alumni grants of $10,000 to graduates of any SMFA program.

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For more information about upcoming events and ways to get involved, please contact Monica Manoski, MFA '13, Development Officer, at or 617-627-0053.

Featured image above: Isabel Beavers, MFA '17, Detail from Arctic Lab, Installation, 2017.

Alumna Molly Hatch

Alumni Q&A: Molly Hatch, BFA '00

"The strong focus on academics and studio art has been undeniably valuable in my career and was also one of the major attractions to SMFA and Tufts."

Holly Coulis

Alumni Q&A: Holly Coulis, MFA '98

"Being an artist is a pretty self-motivated occupation, and I think it was helpful to be in an environment where you had to push yourself."

Todd Hiddo

Alumni Q&A: Todd Hiddo, BFA '91

SMFA helped me for the career that I have today. I do not even think of what I do as a job since I am doing exactly what I want to do every single day.

Art for Everyone

The annual SMFA art sale showcases wide-ranging works by new and established artists.

Art as a Revolutionary Force

SMFA alum Kim Berman co-founded a printmaking center in her native South Africa that encourages artists to bring positive change.