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Ceramics courses focus on the creative and expressive use of clay through a range of approaches, including installation, performance, mixed media, and large-scale commissioned sculpture.

Students may explore ceramics through sculptural, painterly, or functional methods. The immediacy of working with clay makes it a unifying material which can quickly move from idea to object, allowing ceramics to operate at an intersection of medium and process. An in-depth experience in ceramics will reinforce practical connections and aesthetic perspectives applicable to all artistic pursuits.

Sample Courses

CER 0020 - Ceramics Level 1: Wheel Throwing
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of ceramics process through the method of using the potter’s wheel. 

CER 0115 - Beginning Ceramics
An introduction to sculptural, painterly, and functional approaches to ceramics including techniques in wheel-throwing, construction for hand-building, the basic use of fire, glazes at high and low temperatures, and raku.  

CER 0106 - Narrative Projects
This course takes a multimedia approach to sculptural, architectural, and imaged-based narrative projects using clay and incorporating hand-building, slip-casting, wheel work, raw clay, or experimental forms.

CER 0191 - Food: The Social and Functional Politics of Service
In this course, students will explore the cultural connections of food and community as well as explore the history of service ware, place settings, cutlery, table vessels, and the rituals they were created for. This course will be held in both the Metals and Ceramic Labs.

CER 0124 - Ceramics Open Studio
The ceramics open studio will allow for full access, technical, and conceptual support within the ceramic facility along with support and access to all other 3-D facilities. 

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Students explore the sociopolitical implications of cooking, ceramics, and metalwork in a new course that celebrates the spirit of communal dining and powerful art.

Serena Fay Feingold

Student Profile: Serena Fay Feingold '18

"I began my time at the SMFA at Tufts as a painter and thought I would focus in that medium, but within a few months I was experimenting with photography, screen-printing, metalworking, and ceramics."

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