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Within SMFA’s drawing curriculum you’ll find courses and resources designed to cultivate your technical skills as well as classes designed to challenge your conceptual practice.

The curriculum encourages visual investigation through the practice of drawing and exposes you to courses representing a range of methods, sources, and dialogues.

Courses emphasize the translation and observation of relationships within the figure and objects in three-dimensional space. Advanced courses will engage you in the integration of new mediums, development of narrative, and the creation of ideas for self-directed projects. Critique is used as a platform for interaction, and you will present work for both formal and interpretive analysis at several stages of production.

Sample Courses

DRW 0013 - Introduction to Drawing Studio
Drawing Studio is an introductory drawing course focused on the development of skills and techniques. 

DRW 0051 - Introduction to Figure Drawing
This course provides students with an introduction to the essentials of life-drawing including proportion, scale, shading, composition, mark making, as well as historical and contemporary approaches to realizing the figure. 

DRW 0028 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Drawing
This entry level course is good preparation for students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary practice and is designed to focus on the use of drawing as a bridge to other media such as sculpture, video, performance, and research. 

DRW 0067 - Intermediate Drawing: Altered Landscapes
Students will consider drawing in relationship to environment and installation by traveling to locations such as parks, rivers and forests to draw, photograph, or film the altered landscapes. 

DRW-0024 - Figuremania 
Drawing from the figure is an active process that is simultaneously physical, visual, and emotional. Develop your own style while focusing on the human form as a source for drawings that investigate the relationship between expression, ideas, and subject matter.

Monumental Power

Felipe Lopez, MFA ’23, is using his art to grapple with the impact of colonization on symbols of power.

Student Profile: Lily Pisano, BFA + BA '20

Student Profile: Lily Pisano, BFA + BA '20

For Lily Pisano, the arts have always been a medium for connection and telling stories, and leveraging language and art together to effect change is at the core of her practice.

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