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Installation engages in issues of space, site, location, situation, immersive experience, viewer relations, and exhibition design.

Students explore various permutations of installation art, including video, sound, performance, virtual reality and the digital realm, social exchange, collaboration, interactivity and the blurred boundaries between mediums. Students will learn design and fabrication skills while studying the history of site-specific art and its contemporary practice.

Sample Courses

SCP 0110 - Sonic Forms 
Sonic Forms is a sound sculpture and sound installation course that addresses acoustic and sonic possibilities of three-dimensional space while also considering sound as an independent sculptural medium.

SCP 0115 - Advanced Installation Projects
This is an advanced-level studio course where we will engage in explorations of space, site, loca¬tion, situation, immersive experience, viewer re¬lations, and exhibition design.

VISC 0026 - Sculpture in Site: Land Art, Installation Art, & Public Art Since 1960
This course explores installation, site-specific sculpture, and public art since 1960, offering insight into the relationship between the work of art and the environment in which it is installed.

PER 0158 - Painting, Performance, and Installation
This is a hybrid course in which students in painting and/or performance synthesize areas of expertise with installation and new processes and methods.

Story Nicholas Papa

My Findings: Nicholas Papa, BFA '18

“It was important to me that whatever program I found myself in I would have a lot of freedom. I valued the freedom to work in any material I wanted and craft an individualized curriculum that would support my interests.”

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