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Print courses offer in-depth instruction in traditional printmaking techniques—relief, intaglio, lithography, and screen-printing—as well as a variety of contemporary hybrid approaches. 

Processes are taught as a means of visual expression and exploration. Edition and production skills are addressed by means of various print exchange portfolios throughout the year. Contemporary printmaking straddles the worlds of serial reproduction for mass distribution, unique art objects, and gallery and site-specific installation work. Students are encouraged to explore all these aspects as they develop a personalized practice and body of work.

Papermaking courses explore the possibilities of pulp as a dynamic and versatile material that can be used two and three dimensionally as well as made from a variety of materials such as plant fibers, old clothing, or recycled papers. Incorporating papermaking with sculpture, painting, photography, bookmaking, and printmaking can expand and personalize more traditional uses of these mediums.

Sample Courses

PRT 0103 - Introduction to Print
This course provides experience with a wide range of print techniques and investigates the potential they offer as students expand their artwork.

PRT 0161 - Papermaking: Sustainability
Using locally sourced plant materials, both indigenous and invasive as well as recycled paper, fabric and vegetables, students will make a portfolio of papers with accompanying information on plant names, source materials, and processing methods.

PRT 0138 - Screen-printing A-Z
Learn a wide range of screen-printing approaches using hand-drawn, photographic, and digital stencil techniques.

PRT 0105 - Papermaking Possibilities 
Explore the various properties of handmade paper and fibers through 2- and 3- dimensional work.

PRT 0193 - Zines
Raw, unfiltered, and unapologetically personal, zines offer a creative forum for self- and collective- expressions in a way that no other mediums can.

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