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As one of the oldest programs of its kind in the country, SMFA’s sound curriculum continues to lead in the development of the theory and practice of sound art.

It is distinguished from conventional conservatory approaches by addressing the ways in which artists have used (and abused) sound as an expressive and critical medium. Technical skills are balanced with rigorous theoretical concerns. Exploration of other media—for example, video and performance—is encouraged.

Sample Courses

FLM 0159 - Sound and the Moving Image
This course provides students with the practical and conceptual skills to creatively use sound (voice, sound effects, sound design, music) with film and video.

SCP 0110 - Sonic Forms
Sonic Forms is a sound sculpture and sound installation course that addresses acoustic and sonic possibilities of three-dimensional space while also considering sound as an independent sculptural medium.

SND 0191 - Introduction to Sound: Intensive
This introductory studio course provides students with practical and conceptual skills to incorporate sound into their work.

Story Nicholas Papa

My Findings: Nicholas Papa, BFA '18

“It was important to me that whatever program I found myself in I would have a lot of freedom. I valued the freedom to work in any material I wanted and craft an individualized curriculum that would support my interests.”

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