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Chantal Zakari is a Turkish-Levantine artist (and recent US citizen). Trained as a graphic designer she has been creating hyper narratives for the Web practically since its inception: I.D. was published on the Web in 1994. She collaborated on a Web journal, The Turk and The Jew, with her husband Mike Mandel and in 1998 they published the work as an artists' book under the same title. In 2001 under the pseudonym "Show-n-tell," she began a four-year-long performance and documentation of an adult Webcam community. She authored and designed the book webAffairs (Eighteen Publications, 2005). 

Mandel and Zakari collaborated for 15 years on a body of work about the conflict between secularist culture and the Islamist movement in Turkey. Their journey, which began in 1997, has resulted in photographic images, video interviews, and public performances. In 2010 they published The State of Ata (Eighteen Publications) with exhibits in Izmir, Ankara, Atlanta, Boston and Baltimore. 

The couple ran an election campaign as an activist performance in their home town in Massachusetts in order to protest Walmart's attempt to move in. After a successful six-month battle, in the spring of 2012, Walmart decided to pull out.

Their latest book, They Came to Baghdad, was published in September 2012 and is currently on tour as part of the "Al-Mutannabi Street Starts Here" artists' book collection.

Zakari is a full time faculty member at SMFA in Boston. She was an associate member of the Goat Island performance group (1995-2010) and is currently serving as a board member of Belmont World Film. She has had solo shows nationally and internationally.