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Charles Goss grew up in the Boston area. He is a working artist and has been teaching at SMFA for more than 30 years. He received his BFA from University of Colorado and his MFA at SMFA at Tufts. He was trained in sculpture but quickly branched to many other forms of expression and media, and developed this approach teaching at the school. From 3-D to photography, drawing and painting to installation, book-making to film-making, performance to sound, Charles has embraced the cross-discipline nature of this institution in his work and teaching. He has taught all levels of students and is currently teaching in the painting and drawing department. His classes are about skill-building and idea generation, with a healthy investigation into personal content and critical discourse.

He expects his students: to ask questions, question the answers, exercise curiosity, test boundaries, trust the unknown, think for themselves and visually express those thoughts with care and skill.

He has had 4 European solo shows in Hull, Great Britain and Berlin, Germany; 2 in Amsterdam, and also in Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; and NYC.