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Degrees: Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2004; M.A. Latin American Studies, UCLA, 1994; B.Arch. Southern California Institute of Architecture, 1991

Expertise: Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture

Upcoming Talks:
 • Lecture at Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting (2015)
 • Harvard Archaeology Seminar Series (2015)

Honors and Grants:
Center for the Humanities at Tufts, 2008-2009 Fellow
Travel Fund Grant, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 2007
Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship for Academic Diversity, UC Berkeley, 2004-6 (declined)
Selected Recent Scholarship

Identidad cultural plastica: Las ofrendas con figuras antropomorfas con dos picos en el Templo Mayor de Mexico. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. (in press)

2005 "The Aztec Myth of the Suns," "Feast to Tezcatlipoca," and"Aztec Gods" in Caliope: Exploring World History, Michael Smith ed. Peterborough, NH: Cobblestone Publications, pp. 16-23. 

2005 "Mexica Portable Sculpture: Symbols of Imperial Power and Cultural Integration," in Archaeology without Limits: Papers in Honor of Clement W. Meighan. Lancaster, PA: Labyrinthos Press, pp.: 325-344.

Co-Authored Publications:
2004 w/ Cecelia F. Klein and Maya Stanfield-Mazzi "Reply to Pieter Jolly's commentary" in Current Anthropology.

2002 w/ Cecelia F. Klein, Elisa Mandell, and Maya Stanfield-Mazzi "The Role of Shamanism in Mesoamerican Art: A Reassessment," in Current Anthropology Vol. 43, Num. 3.

2002 w/ Cecelia F. Klein, Elisa Mandell, Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, and Josephine Volpe "Shamanitis: A Pre-Columbian Art Historical Disease," in Shamanism. Uses and Abuses of a Concept, (Bibliotheca Shamanistica, vol. 10), Henri-Paul Franfort and Roberte Hamayon eds. in collaboration with Paul Bahn. Budapest: Akadmiai Kiad.

2000 w/ John Ott "Documentary Materials," in Made In California: Art, Image and Identity 1900-2000. Los Angeles: University of California Press, p.324.

Published Translations:
1998 Translation from Spanish of Ancestors of the Inca. Memphis: Wonders, The Memphis International Cultural Series.

Work in Progress:
Sculpting Imperialism: The Diverse Expression of Local Cults and Corporate Identity in the Two-Tufted' Figure at the Templo Mayor. (book manuscript in progress)