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South African artist Floor van de Velde (born in Antwerp, Belgium) is an interdisciplinary artist and composer. She combines sculpture, sound, photography, and light in a variety of formats, from discrete interventions to gallery-size installations. Floor draws much of her inspiration from sound, language, and science and explores the limits of structures and systems of spatial logic and the juncture at which they break down to open up new visual and poetic possibilities. Floor applies precision tools and techniques using CNC systems and other digital systems to explore the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D printing, architecture and design. Her work focuses not only on the autonomous sculptural object, but also questions the spatial positioning and points to the phenomenological experience and embodiment of space. She received a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT, and a BFA in Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Floor is currently visiting full-time faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she has been teaching since 2014. She is also a co-provocateur of San Francisco-based Nighthouse Studio, an art collective that creates large-scale interactive and permanent light installations that interface with architecture and landscape design. More information at