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Kimberly Hebert received her B.A. in English from Columbia in New York City and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department at Tufts University. The focus of her research includes late 19th and 20th century American literature with a particular emphasis on writers of color including writers of the African Diaspora; writing and composition pedagogy/practice; film and film theory; critical race theory; US cultural studies; postcolonial literature and theory; performance studies; visual studies; and US Southern Studies specifically Louisiana. Her publications include Acting the Nigger': Topsy, Shirley Temple, and Toni Morrison's Pecola; Uncovering Codes/(Re)Covering Africa: Pauline Hopkins' Linguistic Journey to a 'Hidden Self; and But Who Will Lead the Revolutiona poetic, historical examination of color bias within communities of color. She has been the recipient of Tufts University's Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Education Award and its Multicultural Service Award. She writes and teaches about how culture is produced.