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Patte Loper received her MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute ('97). Selected national and international exhibitions include solo exhibitions at Lyonswier-Ortt Contemporary, New York ('05, '07); Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA ('08, '06); Massimo Carasi-The Flat, Milan Italy (forthcoming '09) Center On Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA ('02); Selected group exhibitions include: Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna, Austria; Caren Golden Fine Art, New York; College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM; ISE Foundation, New York, New York, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Sonoma, CA. Selected bibliography includes Art in America, Artnet, The New York Sun, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly, and American Craft. Museum and corporate collections include the Hirschhorn Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Microsoft, and the Progressive Collection. She has taught at Central Washington University and the San Francisco Art Institute and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards.

Artist Statement

In my work, I choose images from popular or cultural history, usually ranging from the late 1950's to late 1970's, and then carefully paint them - imagining even more detail than is available from the screen shots, photographs and reproductions I'm working from. I see this painstaking process as a form of analysis, of trying to understand and own the cultural landscape I grew up with. I see these images as staged projections of the fantasies, desires, anxieties and aspirations of a time period - at once sublime and alienating but above all else ordered and carefully staged.

The deer can be read as kitsch, nature, instinctive, irrational. For me, they are timid, fragile, fugitive - intruding into the spaces only when human presence is no more. They for me also a constant - as the choice of imagery changes - the presence of the deer remains the same.

I'm interested in what it means to take a fleeting cultural moment, a film still, a magazine article and slow it down, render it carefully, spend time with it, insert my point of view. It is a meditation on different types of expression as well as the compression and expansion of time.