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Walls Turned Sideways draws its title from a quote by political activist, academic, and author, Angela Davis: “Walls turned sideways are bridges.” The exhibition hopes to serve as a bridge or connecting conduit for conversation, contemplation, and change, recognizing the artist as a figure capable of changing society by bringing visibility to offenses within the justice system.

This symposium, in partnership with the Tufts University Prison Initiative, touches on issues of community impact, reentry, and the role of educational initiatives. The program will include a workshop with Shaun Leonardo and Mirror/Echo/Tilt, and participating artists from Walls Turned Sideways will be in dialogue with scholars, advocates, and activists including Hilary Binda, Kimberly Dong, Shaun Leonardo, Mary Patten, Risa Puleo, Reentry Think Tank, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Sherrill Roland, and more.