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Abstract Drawing: Mixed Media

In this class, students will use a variety of materials and techniques to develop abstract images with personal interpretations of people, places, and things. We will combine traditional and non-traditional wet and dry media (inks, water-soluble pencils and crayons, charcoal, paint and more) in innovative ways to create stimulating works on paper. We will also discuss examples of 20th century and contemporary abstract artists’ work, and the relevance of artwork to the cultural conditions of the time. You will gain insight into how meaningful artistic choices of subject matter, form, and content can produce dynamic works. Group and individual critiques emphasize development of a more critical eye and the verbal skills necessary to discuss the process of abstraction articulately. Open to students of all levels, including beginners.

Suggested Materials List:
Please always have as much of the following items (except for color related materials) with you during each class.
● Assorted pencils and/or graphite sticks.
- Bring all pencils that you have to class. You should have or should purchase Ebony, 2B, 6B, H, one greasy black crayon (used in lithography) and/or a china marker and/or one black water-soluble black crayon.
● Assorted water-soluble graphite sticks and/or pencils.
- You should have or should purchase these: Water soluble graphite sticks and pencils in a variety of values ranging from light and hard (H) to soft and dark (9B). Also purchase one black water-soluble pencil and one white water soluble pencil.
● Assorted charcoal - Mostly soft, and a few medium sticks of vine charcoal.
● A few sticks of white charcoal.
● Compressed black charcoal sticks.
● Conte crayons - Black and white
● Assorted pens - Ballpoint, felt tip, bamboo stick
● Assorted erasers - Mars white, kneaded.
● Inks and Paints - Black India, or mars permanent, or mars black ink that can be erased.
● Color inks, and/or any other water based paint that has color and can be applied to paper.
● Paper Glue - "Yes" glue works well especially on large pieces of paper.
● Palette - white waxy paper or waxed surface paper plates
● Brushes - Assorted size and media appropriate.
● Synthetic multi-use for water based mixed media.
● Round brushes (round, pointed shape): #6 small.
● Bright brushes (flat shape, shorted hair): 1/2" and 1 inch wide. (At least one of each. Additional shapes and sizes may be purchased as desired)
● Jar of matte medium.
● Paper - Newsprint Paper, Canson Biggie 24 x 36” or other large size newsprint pad.
● Bristol paper, large pad or other, at least 18 x 24”, 2 ply paper or other heavy weight roll or individual assorted sheets, for in-class painting sketch/mixed media wet/dry work. (Bigger is better.) To be further discussed during the first class.
● Miscellaneous - Large portfolio to transport your work, Masking tape, Scissors, Cotton rags and/or Paper Towels, Water container.
● Optional: Canvas board, panel or surface on which to paint. Bigger is better.

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