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Beginning Graphic Design Section 2

This intensive course explores the potential of graphic design. We will focus on the integration of all elements of design with an examination of the intention with which these elements are created, chosen, and organized.
For each project, students will develop a concept that amplifies content while also cultivating sensitivity to the relationships between typography, language, image, and symbolism. Throughout the course, emphasis will shift between idea generation, design theory, and technical skills. Lectures will address graphic design, letterform history, typography, and creativity. The course accommodates beginners and more advanced students who are building a portfolio.

SMFA Continuing Education Classes

SMFA classes invite you to explore art-making, technique, and artistic expression in a variety of mediums.


SMFA At Tufts

A studio art school that challenges students to innovate across mediums, define their own practices, and participate in a global community of contemporary artists.