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Comprehensive Figure Drawing

Contemporary and traditional approaches to the figure are the focus and inspiration of this course. We will explore composition, light, gesture, contour and space through the juxtaposition of models and objects. The class will address proportion and traditional methods for observational drawing, including perspective. We will experiment with various materials: charcoal, sumi ink, graphite, erasers, water-based and mixed media. Exploration of other artists past and present will provide context for understanding artmaking and its history. Class discussion and critiques will encourage the development of ideas and experimentation. This course is open to beginners and experienced artists.

Supply List
The materials list is available here:
These drawing materials are required, and are available as a kit at Artist and Craftsman in Central Square, Cambridge, at a 20% discount. When collecting them, please mention my name: Mela Lyman. The kits have been created to provide a uniformity of materials, as well as a great variety of choices. The kit consists of a portfolio for carrying, with various drawing materials; charcoal, sumi ink, brush and quill, erasers and paper.

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