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The dual certificate program offers you the opportunity to explore and develop a broad range of graphic design and illustration skills, techniques, theory, and applications. This program allows for flexibility in concentration according to the goals of each student. Combining knowledge, skills, and practice of these two fields provides you with a variety of career options and greater possibilities as a practitioner.

You will investigate digital and hands-on techniques in the context of theoretical information based in fine arts and visual communication. Upon completing the certificate, you will have compiled a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating the scope of your knowledge and skills in graphic design and illustration.

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Program Requirements

This is an in-person program with opportunities to take individual courses in an online modality for a hybrid learning experience. Program completion does require some in-person coursework.

This dual certificate requires students to complete 10 required courses and 5 electives.

Please note: semesters listed below are subject to change. 

Required Courses

Drawing for Illustrators and Figurative Artists (fall, spring)

Fundamentals of 2D Design (fall, spring, summer) or any additional elective course below

Graphic Design I (fall, spring, summer)

Graphic Design II (fall, spring, summer)

Illustration I (fall, spring)

Illustration II (fall, spring)

Publication Design (fall, spring)

Portfolio Preparation for Illustrators and Designers (spring) or Freelancing 101 for Creatives workshop

Typography: Introduction (spring, summer)

Visualizing Information (fall, spring, summer)

Elective Courses

Adobe Illustrator: Introduction (spring, summer)

Adobe Photoshop: Introduction (fall, summer)

Anatomy for Life Drawing (fall, spring)

Children's Book Illustration *

Color Mastery (fall, spring)

Digital and Experimental Animation: Introduction (fall, spring, summer)

Digital Photography: Introduction (fall, spring, summer)

Digital Type Founding (fall)

Design for Social Change

Graphic Novel *

Illustration: A Digital Approach (fall, spring)

Lithography: Art of the Multiple (spring)

Monoprint (summer)

Screenprinting A to Z (spring)

Still Life: Color and Light (fall, spring)

Typography: Introduction (spring, summer)

Web Design I *

Web Design II *

* these elective courses are offered on a periodic basis.

Elective Note: Students may petition to substitute electives that are not listed above with other classes that would be in keeping with their individual goals.

Program Completion Timeline

Most students complete their certificate program in three to four years.

Program Costs

Non-Credit tuition is $995 per course. The certificate consists of fifteen courses (15 X $995). You can expect to pay approximately $14,925 in tuition, plus the application fee ($45), for a total cost of $14,970 for the certificate.

There is a $65 registration fee each academic year, fall term through summer term, which covers registration for any number of courses taken that year. For more information please see our course list. Tuition does not include the cost of class materials/supplies. 

How to Apply

To apply to the dual certificate program, complete our online application via Slideroom. There is a $45 application fee. Payment is completed online when you submit your application.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted 10 days prior to the start of a term to be considered for that upcoming term. Admissions decisions are returned with 2 weeks of application submission.

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