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Whether you're looking to gain or refine specific skills through individual courses, or engage in a comprehensive, developmentally-oriented sequence of courses through programs like our Certificate in Illustration, our Continuing Education offerings underscore our belief that making art is about exploring and pursuing ideas—wherever those ideas may take you.

Certificate Programs

Is there an application process to enroll in a certificate program?

No application required! Register for your first class to begin.

I am interested in both Graphic Design and Illustration, is there a combined program offered?

As of the Fall 2023 term, students interested in both graphic design and illustration are encouraged to pursue both individual certificate programs. 

What do the different credit options mean? Do I need to take courses for credit?

Courses are offered with two credit options, undergraduate credit and non-credit. Students who would like to receive undergraduate level credit for potential future transfer opportunities outside of Tufts*, should select the Credit option. Students interested in coursework only and not credit, should select the non-credit auditor rate. Certificate students may select either option, both will count towards the certificate.

*Credit transferability is determined by the receiving institution only. Tufts cannot guarantee transferability. 

How long do the certificate programs take?

Certificate programs are designed to be completed in two semesters, or approximately 8 months. For example, students starting in a fall semester would take courses 1 & 2 between September and December, and courses 3 & 4 between January and May. Students may elect to complete the certificate path across more than one academic year. Courses taken more than five years before your program completion date require approval.

How much do the certificate programs cost?

Students in our certificate programs pay tuition on a per-course basis. Per-course tuition for graphic design and illustration certificates is $995. 

The per-course tuition rate is subject to future change. There is also a $65 registration fee per academic year, which covers registration for any number of courses taken that year. 

Please note that course tuition does not include the cost of class materials and supplies.

We do not offer financial aid for the certificate programs.

I am an international student – can I enroll?

Tufts is unable to sponsor or support F-1 visas for students enrolled in our certificate programs.

We don't require TOEFL or IELTS scores to enroll in our certificate programs. All classes are conducted in English and students are expected to demonstrate basic knowledge of English in their application materials.

International students are welcome to take our classes and enroll in our certificate programs.


How do I register for CE classes?

Browse our available classes, select the class of your choice, and click "Register."

You will be directed to our class registration and enrollment platform. You’ll need to create a student profile in order to sign up for classes.

Follow the payment process instructions, register and pay for the class or classes of your choice.

You’ll be enrolled in the class of your choice. Shortly after registration, you will be added to certain Tufts University systems and will receive automatically sent notification emails.

If you already have an account, you can log on here to browse course listings and register for classes.

How can I get a Tufts ID?

Students are required to show a valid Tufts ID to access the building.  If you are taking a semester length, credit bearing course (even if you are not taking it for credit) you will be sent an email with instructions for activating your Tufts username and password. After you have activated your username and password, you can log into our ID photo upload site, and upload a passport-style photo. There are detailed instructions about the type of photo required. Your ID will be printed here at the SMFA and you can pick it up when you arrive at the building for class. You will need some form of identification (such as a state ID, drivers’ license or passport) to collect your Tufts ID.

Read more about Tufts ID cards here:

If you have taken a class with us before, your Tufts student ID will remain valid for 18 months.

I can't activate my Tufts online account. Who can I contact for help?

If you’re having trouble activating your Tufts online account (username and password), contact or call Tufts Technology Services at 617-627-3376 for support, 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

I received a strange email from BankMobile after I registered. Is it a scam?

Once you register for a class, you will be automatically enrolled in Tufts systems. You will begin to receive emails from some of these systems within a few days, including an email from BankMobile, a bank that processes refunds for Tufts in the event a refund is necessary. When you receive an email from BankMobile, do not worry, we know you have not requested a refund. Tufts automatically enrolls all admitted students in BankMobile just in case the need arises. If you have any questions or concerns about these emails, please contact our office or email Tufts Student Services at

What discounts do you offer?

We offer Tufts and SMFA alumni a 10% discount off the price of all full-length courses taken as non-credit coursework. Select the “Non-Credit: Alumni Auditor (SMFA Courses)” course fee option when you check out.

We offer a community audit discount to community members residing in zip codes 02115, 02120 and 02215 as well as any educators working in the public schools located in these zip codes. Select the “Non-Credit: Auditor (Community Auditor)” course fee option when you check out.

How can I drop a class or workshop and what is your refund policy?

Students who wish to withdraw from courses for a refund must do so prior to the date of the 3rd course meeting. Students who wish to withdraw from a workshop or short course for a refund must do so prior to the day of the first workshop meeting.

To drop a class, please log in to your account here:  Once logged in select "my enrollment history" from the left side navigation. Under "enrolled courses" you should see the course you wish to drop. On the right side next to the course is a button “request drop.” Click "request drop" to initiate the process of dropping the class and issuing a refund to the card you used to pay. Please monitor your credit card statement for your refund, which you should see within 2 weeks.

What is the difference between courses, short courses, and workshops?

Full-length courses are classes that have approximately 39+ hours of in-class time and meet over the length of a full semester or full summer session. Summer session full-length courses can be taken by Tufts undergraduates for degree program credit.

Short courses are often half term or shorter in length. These courses are designed to give students quick skills in a specific topic. 

Workshops are short term offerings often meeting just once or twice and are offered exclusively on a noncredit basis. Workshops typically hone in on a very specific skill or set of skills to introduce students to a type of practice or area of study. 

Can I take a course for undergraduate credit?

Yes, if you choose to take a course for credit please select the Undergraduate Credit option when you check out. If you are a visiting student from another university and intending to transfer the credits from your SMFA CE course into a degree program elsewhere, we recommend you check your school’s transfer of credit policies before you register.

Do you offer graduate level credit?


Can I earn PDPs for Continuing Education courses?

Teachers who successfully complete courses are eligible to receive Professional Development Points (PDPs). Up to 45 PDPs can be earned by taking a course. Suitability of subject matter and course level, and number of PDPs are up to the discretion of your school district or supervisor.

Are your classes suitable for au pairs seeking educational credits?

Yes, our courses and workshops can be appropriate for au pair program educational credits. However, we always advise you to check with your agency or sponsor to be certain that our class will qualify for what you need.

I’m a Tufts employee, how do I register?

Tufts employees can register using the Tufts Tuition Remission program.

Only full-length courses are eligible for the Tuition Remission program. Tuition remission can't be used to cover workshop tuition for CE workshops, or for the SMFA  Pre-College Summer programs.

Tufts employees must wait until the first day the class meets to be officially registered into the course, and registration will be approved only if space is available in the course at that time.

Contact Tufts Support Services with any questions about tuition remission eligibility.

I’m an MFA employee, how do I register?

MFA employees should obtain a registration form from the MFA HR office. Please contact Judy Morillo at to obtain the form and instructions for submission.

Note: Continuing Education will not accept registrations in person or by email from students. All registrations must be sent to MFA HR, they will verify and send your information to us. MFA employees will be invited to enroll if there is space available on the first day the class meets and will receive enrollment instructions via email. Please also note that tuition waivers cannot be applied to courses being used to obtain a certificate. Questions about your registration should be directed to

I am in an SMFA degree program, can I take a CE class?

Students in the BFA or MFA degree programs, and students in the Post-Bacc or Studio Diploma Certificate programs are not currently able to take CE classes for studio credit.

Do you accept AmeriCorps educational grants (or other types of education grants) as a form of tuition payment?

Yes! To register and use an AmeriCorps education grant, you’ll need to fill out the Tuition Waiver/Voucher/AmeriCorps Registration Form which you can get by writing You will be registered for your course(s) of choice, which will generate a tuition charge in your Tufts student account. Then, you can log in to the My AmeriCorps portal and make a payment request to Tufts University for the amount of the tuition charge, which we’ll apply to your account to cover the balance.

AmeriCorps grants can be used toward the tuition payment for both courses and workshops.

For other types of educational grants, please email us with details about your situation.

The class I want to sign up for is full, what should I do?

You can add yourself to a class’s waitlist in our course registration platform (see above instructions for registration). If you’re registering with the Waiver/Voucher Registration Form, or if the class waitlist is already full, email with your name, the name of the class you want to be on the waitlist for, and any classes you’re already taking that semester (if applicable).

Are there any prerequisites for classes?

Only a few of our courses have prerequisites, and these are stated in the course descriptions. Each class description includes its level. If you have questions about a specific class, feel free to contact the instructor directly; faculty contact information can be found by clicking on the instructor's name in a class description. Or, email to be connected with a faculty member. In some cases, prerequisites can be waived with instructor approval.

What do the class levels mean?

"Introductory" means that students with zero experience in the given area, or with art, should feel comfortable taking the class. "Beginner" classes are designed for students without experience in the class topic, but students may be best served by some general familiarity with the types of tools or media used in the class, or previous exposure to art. In "all-levels" classes, our instructors are experienced working with students of all backgrounds and levels. Our "all-levels" classes often include students who have never taken a class from us before, as well as students who have taken that particular class multiple times.

If you have questions about whether a particular class is right for you, we encourage you to reach out to the instructor. Instructor contact information is available by clicking on the instructor's name in a class description. Or, email to be connected with a faculty member.

Where are the classes held?

Most of our classes take place at the SMFA main building at 230 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115.  Occasionally, courses will be available on the main Tufts campus in Medford; in this case, the address will be specified on the course description.

Do you offer any online classes?

Yes, each semester we offer a handful of our courses in an online format. Please browse our currently available offerings at: 

Are SMFA CE courses and workshops open to individuals who are under 18 years of age?

Many of our courses and workshops are open to students who are at least 15 years of age at the time of registration on or before the day the course begins.  Parents or guardians of students who are 15-17 years of age will be asked to sign a waiver if students in that course will work from a live model or be exposed to adult subject matter, and/or there are field trips planned for students taking that course.  Waivers will be sent to parents or guardians of students in these courses following completion of registration.  A few SMFA CE courses are open to advanced-level students only, and students who are under 18 and/or have not completed pre-requisite courses will not be able to register.  

Current Students

Do I have access to the library?

Continuing Education students are able to use the SMFA Library and other Tufts libraries but do not have borrowing privileges. Library hours can be found on the Tisch Library website. For access to particular shops, classrooms or spaces, please consult the individual shop you want access to.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?

To get an official transcript sent to yourself or another recipient, fill out the Transcript Request Form on the Registrar’s website.

To get your unofficial transcript, if you have a Tufts username and password, you can log in to SIS to view your unofficial transcript. 

I need a copy of my transcript that shows a workshop I took. How can I get a copy?

Workshops and all noncredit-only offerings do not appear on Tufts University transcripts. If you need documentation that you completed a workshop at SMFA please write to us at

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