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Spend a week diving into Adobe Creative Cloud software tools, hearing from professional graphic designers, and exploring the intersection of liberal arts and art education. 

In today's heavily digital world, career opportunities related to graphic design are endless. Join SMFA at Tufts for a crash course in design, culminating with finished pieces of work after a week of immersive exploration in the field.

Program Highlights:

  • Access Tufts' renowned art school faculty
  • Engage in a unique interdisciplinary approach to graphic design; combining liberal arts disciplines with art and design
  • Learn valuable résumé-building skills that can be applied to many areas of interest
  • Get creative while strengthening communication skills
  • Explore real-world tools and techniques and meet professionals in the field
  • Get a taste of an online college course and make lifelong friends from around the world

Program Outcomes:

  • Strong understanding of the creative process as it relates to creating digital art
  • Knowledge of tools and functions of Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • Understanding of graphic design as a career path
  • 1-2 completed pieces of work

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