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Course Description

This course is designed to improve your understanding of the human figure through the study of the underlying skeletal and muscular structures and how they influence what we see on the body's surface. Class meetings will include observation strategies, drawing from the model (both gestures and longer poses), illustrated lectures, drawing form the skeleton, drawing from direct source material of the skeletal muscles, occasional presentations, lectures, and more. Homework is required (one hour per week minimum).

This class is best suited for students who have had at least a basic course in drawing, but it is not a requirement. From this class you will gain a heightened ability to observe human anatomy, proportion, perspective, spacial awareness, internal structures, volume, and weight. You will also gain an improved ability to articulate your understanding of the human figure and anatomy to others, as well develop a understanding of the visual dynamics of bodily movements, and the resulting formal changes in your drawings. 

Intermediate to Advanced