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Course Description

Digital and Experimental Animation in the Home Studio: In this class you will be introduced to a wide variety of digital and experimental animation techniques and learn how to set-up a home animation studio. We will cover: hand-drawn animation, stop-motion, cut-paper puppets, lighting and green-screening, digital animation using various free online apps, creative cloud (photoshop, after-effects & premiere), using sound, along with stop-motion software and analog tools for animating that can be shared digitally, among other experimental & hybrid approaches.

The course will include screenings of animations past and present, along with discussions & critiques.

The course will also cover some hand-drawn animation approaches including observational rotoscoping and drawing/animating digitally on a tablet. Learn how to develop a home studio practice with a DIY ethos, and connect with an online animation community to keep you inspired. Class will end with an online celebration & screening of work.

Please note: During this period of remote learning, access to a computer or other digital device is essential for attending lectures, demonstrations and critiques.  Students who are taking courses in digital media must have access to a computer, and will be asked to purchase a student license to the Adobe Suite.  Tufts is making these licenses available at a greatly reduced price.  Adobe software is not only essential for your courses, but is essential to almost any design or illustration practice. By purchasing this software, you will be able to access it on your own computer at your convenience.  Instructions on purchasing and downloading the software will be sent to you before classes begin.