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Course Description

Explore the possibilities that arise when you combine drawing and painting. We will work from a foundation of traditional drawing and painting methods and introduce various approaches to help expand personal options. You may choose to work exclusively with one medium or experiment with a variety of materials. While one medium may be suitable most of the time, in some instances or fertile moments, it may be necessary in the problem solving process, to introduce other media in order to create new considerations; color within the drawing, drawing in the painting, gouache within the drawing, or collage when needed, etc. The objective of the class is to create a curious and supportive atmosphere in which you will acquire confidence to experiment and explore an individual and personal direction. A live model will be available for each session as our point of departure.

A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts' Drawing room for a private viewing of selected drawings from the museum's collection will be arranged in order to introduce a variety of approaches to provide insights and inspiration to individual choices.

All levels, one week M-F