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Course Description

This class is all about making content central in your visual art. We will explore how what moves you as a person can fuel your creations. We will look at the work by artists who focus on the personal and/or the political in their work and share our own work with each other. Projects meant to stimulate ideas for work and discussion will be given regularly. Class time will be used to look at the work we make and for critique.

Working in most any media and experimenting in various media will be encouraged. Media may include, but is not limited to drawing, painting, photography, video, performance and sculpture. Topics may include personal and family history, religion, immigration, race, sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity/expression, the environment and the election. This class aims to create a welcoming community of artists to support and challenge each other. Come explore and have fun.

Level: beginner to advanced

NOTE: During this period of remote learning, access to a computer or other digital device is essential for attending lectures, demonstrations and critiques.