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Aubrey Simonson - Bird Noticing
Bird Noticing
Install view at Wellesley College, HTC Vive and Unity, 2019
Aubrey Simonson - Ceramics in Context
Ceramics in Context
Meta Quest and Unity, 2020
Aubrey Simonson- WebGL and Unity
WebGL and Unity
Chernoff Fish, WebGL and Unity, 2022

Aubrey Simonson is a virtual reality programmer, interaction designer, researcher and artist. His research focuses on on how we select/manipulate/carry objects, move around, type, and represent our bodies in VR. As an artist, his work explores the social role of video games, the nature of immersive media, data privacy, and the relationship between virtual reality and the US military. 

Aubrey received B.A.s from Wellesley College in Media Arts and Sciences and Political Science, and an M.S. from the MIT Media Lab in 2021. 

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