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Betsy Diaz - image of stacked coffee mugs
Orange Mugs
Wheel thrown terra cotta mugs from "Breakfast Ideas" series, 2018
Betsy Diaz - intersectional craft
Intersectional Craft
"Intersectional Craft" is a collaborative essay co-authored by Lisa Jarrett, Roberto Lugo, Armando Minjarez, Diego Mier y Terán, Dori Tunstall, and Namita Gupta Wiggers. Illustrations by Yahira Hernandez. Concept and Weaving by Betsy Redelman Díaz. Published by Tanline Printing Co. 2017
Betsy Diaz - Let's freeze leftovers for winter
Let’s Freeze the Leftovers
Wheel thrown terra cotta plate from “Freezer Rituals” series, 2020
Betsy Diaz - Mujeres del Barro Rojo
Mujeres del Barro Rojo
Poster from the Mexican premiere of “Mujeres del Barro Rojo: Women’s Work,” a film about women and clay. Filmed and directed by Betsy Redelman Díaz, editing by Brett Gerlt, animation by Yahira Hernandez, subtitling by Daniel Suarez, music by Edna Vazquez, poster by Horse, 2017.
Betsy Diaz artwork
Feminist Potter
"Feminist Potter" signature on a hand-built terra cotta bowl

Betsy Redelman Díaz is a feminist potter, film maker, writer, and educator with a socially engaged and research-based practice. She holds an MFA in Craft Studies from Oregon College of Art & Craft, and a BA in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Through her work, Redelman Díaz explores the intersections between critical pedagogy, intersectional feminism, decolonization processes, food, and craft, often manifesting in the form of collaborative projects, performance, utilitarian ceramics, short films, and long conversations. Betsy enjoys designing and teaching discussion-based studio art courses centered around contemporary topics in the humanities, challenging students to respond to complex social issues through art making.

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