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Dyllan Nguyen - Sequenced
white oak, 7" x 11" x 3", 2020
Dyllan Nguyen - Spread
maple veneer, plywood, magnets, brads, 9" x 9", 2020
Dyllan Nguyen - Emergence
birchplywood, gold leaf, 1' x 2' x 11', 2018
Dyllan Nguyen - TableTV
plastic television casing, dyed poplar, birch plywood, 21" x 25" x 20", 2016
Dyllan Nguyen - Work Worth Doing
Work Worth Doing
meranti, fir, 32" x 28" x 1.5", 2016
Dyllan Nguyen - Spare Time
Spare Time
interactive web-based piece, dimensions variable, 2014

Dyllan Nguyen is an artist and educator based in Boston, MA. His recent work explores his interests in distraction, value, play, and empathy. Outside of his role managing the woodshop at SMFA he shares his love for making and problem solving through teaching and mentoring youth and adults in a variety of settings including college/universities, non-profits, craft schools, and public workshops.