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A Pause, oil on canvas, 74" x 64", 2021
Untitled, watercolor and sumi ink on paper, 24" x 18", 2022

Eva Lundsager’s abstract paintings suggest an imaginary, evolving space where images seem to move through space, without ever relinquishing their existence as paint. Her work has a specificity suggestive of close looking and representation, even as it comes more from a process of curious experimentation. The paintings are built of varied processes of paint application; layers of pours, drips, glazes, and varying brushstrokes, and they use complex color, at times seductive, at other times alienating. Lundsager grew up in semi-rural Maryland, where she was free to roam the surrounding fields and woods, and she attended the University of Maryland, before moving to New York, where she earned an MFA from Hunter College. After living in New York for sixteen years she spent a decade in Saint Louis, MO, often watching the quickly changing weather and dramatic skies; she moved to Boston in 2012, where she maintains a studio in Framingham. Recent exhibitions include the Eva Lundsager: Ovation at Praise Shadows Gallery in Boston, and the 2019 deCordova Museum Biennial in Lincoln, MA. Lundsager’s art has been written about in many publications, it is in the collection of the Dallas Art Museum, the Saint Louis Art Museum, and the Whanki Foundation in Seoul, among others, and she has been honored with a Guggenheim Fellowship in painting.

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