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abstract circle cyanotype
Arctic Sun
Cyanotype, 9x12," 2022

Kelsey Miller is a multi-disciplinary artist who was born and raised in Antigua, West Indies, and now lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Her work is guided by everyday cycles—the rapid pace of news and weather, the slow build of archives and observations—toward an iterative practice of recording, altering, accumulating, and distributing that manifests in prints and large-scale installations. In recent years, Miller has participated in artist residencies with the Arctic Circle Residency in the International Territory of Svalbard and Proyecto ‘Ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work has been exhibited in venues in Italy, Argentina, and throughout the United States in solo, juried, and small group shows. Miller is a 2019 recipient of the MacColl Johnson Fellowship from the Rhode Island Foundation. 

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