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Artwork by Michael Hecht
Monotype screenprint, 2007
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Godly One's Feeble Attempt at Metaphysical Re-Alignment
Oil on canvas, 2007
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Between Thought and Memory
Mixed media drawing on tan paper, 15” x 18”
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Ephemeral Embrace
Graphite, colored pencil, serigraphic monotype on grey paper, 28” x 20”
Artwork by Michael Hecht
A Good Laugh
Serigraphic monotype, 14” X 21”
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Heading North
Charcoal, watercolor, oil on prepared canvas, 48” x 48”
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Oil on prepared canvas, 52” x 56”
Artwork by Michael Hecht
Sore Head
Serigraphic monotype, 10.5” x 15”

Michael Hecht is a master figurative painter, draftsman, and printmaker who presents artwork that confronts the observer with familiar, though often hidden and unspoken, facets of humanity. Boldly addressing both the exterior and interior realms of living as a human being, Hecht's work fascinates with its personal evocations of mythology, attraction, repulsion, and psychological vulnerability.

Michael was born in Sioux Falls, SD. He spent his formative years in the Midwestern states of South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa. He earned a BFA in printmaking at the University of South Dakota in 1991 and an MFA in painting/printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art in 1998. He currently teaches part-time at the SMFA at Tufts in Boston and lives in New Bedford, MA, where he shares a studio with his wife.

Artist statement

I explore expanded self-portraiture to communicate various psychological states of being. My art reflects the universal and timeless through intimate depictions of the vital yet temporal human figure. I work in a range of mediums both independently and as mixed-media, including drawing, printmaking, and painting.