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cut paper and abstract nature
Adams #1
2017 (from Founder), 20x24” Pigment Print
purple mulitple exposure image of flowers and cubes
George Washington’s Teeth
2021 (from Founder), 20x24” Pigment Print
stick and yellow flowers with dark natural background
Rainbow in the Dark
2010 (from On Longing, Distance and Heavy Metal), 24x30” Pigment Print
yellow fish, red mountains, and purple foliage, and snowy sticks collaged
2022 (from Invasive Species), 16x20” Pigment Print

Pamela Pecchio is a Boston-based artist who works primarily in photography and collage. She received her BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia, and her MFA from Yale University, where she was awarded the Richard Dixon Welling Prize.

Her work has been included in exhibitions at Aperture, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, and Wallspace Galleries in New York, as well as The Jordan National Gallery of Art, International Art Camp in Beijing, China, the Amsterdam DreamBike Festival, and Köeln Art in Cologne, Germany. She is the author of two books -- eight, an artist’s book published by Nexus Press, and 509, a limited edition monograph published by Daniel 13 Press. Permanent collections include the Yale University Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Artist statement

Utilizing analog and digital tools, often together in singular works, I treat photography as a raw material. I scan, collage, install and rephotograph negatives, prints, ephemera, vegetation, and objects. I address American history and American landscape (including the growing climate crisis), the relationship between history and mythology, and the conceptual parallels between the collage of materials and the collage of stories that become history. Photography and history are both facts assembled, and I am interested in how multiple readings can be derived from the same set of facts, depending on the how those facts are assembled.

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