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Welcome to my side of el charco, my casa, my lucha and dreams of libertad. 

As a multidisciplinary artist-activist, largely focused on the methods of gesture politics, my artistic practice is characterized by working on a series of creative exercises aimed at resisting and unfolding the relationship of colonial tension between the United States and Puerto Rico, My Mainland​.  With object-sites historically enmeshed in the ongoing war against Puerto​ Ricans, I materialize the experiences of living in the colossal disaster of 122 years of U.S Imperial Rule. Evolving into my own form of resistance, I tie into the fabric of ideas by designing political visual imagery, and in the best of cases, creating true collective experiences. To answer the question of how a contemporary artist goes about revealing the nuances of this charged relationship, I’ve prepared a multi-geographic graduate thesis project.  Inviting the viewer to participate in a site-specific satellite exhibition to be held at “​El Bastion​” (Former Prison and Troops Dormitory) in San Juan-Puerto Rico, dialoguing with the 2021 Graduate Exhibition at the Tufts Art Galleries. Considering the historical quality of the capital of our mainland, El Bastión, and Boston – site of the U.S Court of Appeals for the First Circuit for the archipelago – both the body of the sites inform the pieces to be showcased, and the body of the works, inform the sites. Hopefully uncovering new and more effective ways of raising these issues in the court of public ethics we call the art world. 

Sánchez-Longo's project is a “multi-geographical satellite exposition” with another exhibition in Puerto Rico that will be in dialogue with the work in the SMFA thesis show. In Puerto Rico, Sánchez-Longo's solo exhibition "Vitrina Para Morir" opens May 21 at an historic site linked to colonization called El Bastion. 

Camila A. Sánchez-Longo Dávila - La Pecosa
video installation, 2020
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