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My name is Avery Eberlein. I am a Trans man. Everything I write is a biography. Pay attention.

Artist Statement

All art reflects both the worldview of the creator and of the viewer. I consider this relationship essential to understanding that all our life stories have the capability to be relatable and comforting to those around us, even if you’d assume otherwise.

My grandmother died in March 2021 after a long battle with cancer. This was only months after I came out to her as a trans man. The love and acceptance she showed me in the face of my fear and the subsequent loss I felt in her absence, forced me to understand the pain my parents felt when they lost a daughter and gained a son. I realized that in my haste to become the man I want to be, I forgot to properly respect the memory of the girl who came before me.

I/we seek acceptance in my work. From myself, from her, from my audience, from my community. I hope that a life lived in radical honesty can show those who are like me that they are not alone. At the same time, I want the deceptively relatable story of my life to show those who would do me harm or reject my humanity that parts of themselves live in me too.

Instagram: @eberzine 

Avery Eberlein - Saving Grace
Composite Riso, digital medium format photography, digital print
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