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Group Statement: Outrageous Plans for Sensible Ideas presents the work of 14 undergraduate students who completed the Senior Thesis Program. This exhibition came to life in the midst of the COVID-19 2020 global pandemic. It is the product of the labors of love, passion, and creativity that the SMFA 2020 Senior Thesis cohort cultivated with one another. We are happy to offer this exhibition as a testament to the community and connectivity we shared while navigating journeys of intense change; whether they be the pursuit of building a creative process, graduating from a prestigious university, or weathering socio-political crises.

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This thesis exhibition is the culmination of fourteen obsessions. Over the course of a yearlong development of our artistic practices we have formed our own truths, and we present them to you with care and conviction.

To develop an artistic truth requires something apart from and beyond the act of truth-telling. It requires a care beyond the sensible, beyond the expected, a fixation that at times might veer into the absurd. It is through unconventional means that an artist’s truth is formed. Diasporic solitude, queer love, a community garden, family histories, a love affair with concrete, personal meditations, ways to go fast; the list goes on. These are our truths, and these are the ideas we present to you in full sincerity. We tell you stories to endear you to our worlds, to pull you into silenced and forgotten histories. We invite you to the spaces we reside in, or the ones we once occupied.

Listen, take a deep breath, soak up what we have to share. There is likely a simpler way to tell you our stories, but we are artists and we strive to go beyond. We invite you to intimately explore these artworks, and those who produced them.


Sam Agnew
Ariel Akumanyi
Badger Antoniou
Dan Fisher-Berger
Aidan Huntington
Sam Helwig
Z Lober
Pat Mahaney
Michaela Morse
Beca Piascik
Jacob Rochford
Halley Sun Stubis
Jhona Xaviera

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