Calendar of Events & Exhibitions

Suara Welitoff: Right Now This Moment Opening Reception

Suara Welitoff’s appropriations of the past summon awareness of time as we are living it now, and investigate how disrupting traditional structures of filmic time and narrative can alter our expectations of moving images. This exhibition surveys twelve videos spanning 2013 to 2018 (including the premiere of three works), and chronicles Welitoff’s practice of reworking footage from historic films, television, and the Internet. Repetition is key to our experience of Welitoff’s fragmented images and language. Through her use of continuous loop and slowed motion, she achieves a temporality in which duration—rather than the progress of time—is the dominant experience, effectively resulting in an endless present. Welitoff also embraces the formal potential of accidents and inaccuracies, including pixilation and audio-visual glitches, viewing them as opportunities to improvise. At a time when the acts of selecting, modifying, and recirculating are increasingly central to creation and communication, Welitoff’s works invite us to consider how our sensory relations to the mediated world are forever under revision.


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