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Through a set of standing committees, SMFA faculty members work closely with administrators to ensure the healthy functioning of all SMFA areas. All full-time SMFA faculty are eligible for committee service, and part-time faculty members may volunteer to serve on most committees, which are convened by the dean at the beginning of each academic year.

Committee on Community and Inclusion

  • Reviews campus culture, as well as current policies and initiatives as they relate to the equitable distribution of class and campus resources and the inclusion of all students, faculty, and staff of SMFA, regardless of citizenship, race, ancestry, ethnicity, cultural expression, class, disability, place of origin, skin color, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, record of offenses, marital status, and family status.
  • Holds public forums, campus wide research initiatives, and related forms of knowledge gathering that inform the committee as to the experience of SMFA community members and the impact of campus culture and policy on their experience.
  • Proposes relevant changes to current policies and/or propose new policies, initiatives, or public events which aim to develop a stronger sense of community and equity campus-wide.

Curriculum Committee

  • Considers the curriculum as a whole, focusing on the BFA program.
  • Vets new courses and considers allowing courses to run once under a special number before vetting process occurs.
  • Reviews linked courses, team teaching, foundational skills, directed studies.
  • Reviews current SMFA block schedule and Tufts block schedule for possible adjustments of one or both.

Facilities/Tech Committee

  • Advises faculty and staff on issues having to do with building plant and services as well as IT and other technology.
  • Troubleshoots complex facilities and tech issues as they arise.

Graduate Curriculum and Steering Committee

  • Reviews SMFA-wide curriculum with an eye toward the MFA student academic experience, reviews and revises graduate program policies as necessary.
  • Identifies courses in the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering that might be of interest to SMFA students.
  • Reviews graduate faculty.

Library Committee

  • Advises and offers guidance on developing and sustaining the library’s mission and goals of providing access, aiding the discovery of resources, research, instruction, collection development (including special collections), use of space, and the preservation of collections.
  • Serves as liaisons to faculty and other committees regarding the library’s policies, resources, and services.