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SMFA is more than a traditional visual arts school—it’s an innovative and cooperative space for budding artists, critical thinkers, world shapers, and changemakers.

Ensuring that all perspectives and lived experiences have an opportunity to find their voice, SMFA at Tufts is committed to the idea that visual arts education impacts both emerging contemporary art as well as influencing disciplines from engineering and health care to social justice and civic engagement.

Why Give?

For nearly 150 years, SMFA has been on the cutting edge of art education – pushing boundaries, creating new ways of thinking and making, and educating the creative voices of the next generation. By supporting the school, you sustain an ecosystem for learning innovation unlike any other. 

With nearly 49% of SMFA at Tufts students receiving financial assistance, SMFA has become one of the most diverse campuses at Tufts and in 2023, increased the number of first-generation students by 12%. 


Director of Development and Alumni Engagement


Alumni Engagement and Art Sale Manager
Development Coordinator
Director of Gift Planning


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