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This 12-month, hybrid modality, Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education (MAT) program prepares artists to teach in elementary, middle, and high schools with a critical focus on both contemporary visual culture and traditional arts.

The resources of SMFA and Tufts Department of Education campuses combine to enhance your understanding of urban and multicultural education and to develop your capacity as a reflective studio artist.

In this graduate program, the in-person studio component is taught by SMFA faculty and paired with Education coursework taught both online and in-person on teaching  methods, art education curriculum development, and visual-critical studies.

In addition, students complete supervised in-person pre-practicum internships in Boston area schools and also assist instructors in the children's studio classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Full-time practicum internships in Boston area schools further engage MAT students in the study, analysis, and production of visual culture with youth in the classroom.

MAT students will complete a 12-month program of study in education foundations, art theory and curriculum, and studio art. Many MAT students start with four education classes at Tufts in the summer, then take six studio credits and two art education classes in the fall. Students complete their course of study in the spring with a full-time student-teaching internship that includes a weekly seminar and an art curriculum development course.

When you graduate, you'll be eligible to apply for grades PK-8 and 5-12 Massachusetts Initial Teaching Licensure in Visual Art.

Fifth-Year Master’s Program for BFA Students

SMFA BFA students interested in pursuing a Master's in Art Education can apply to the Fifth-Year Master’s Program through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Education. Learn more about the program.

Below is a suggested timeline to prepare you to apply.

Second Year

  • Begin to discuss your interest in teaching visual art in PK-12 schools with your academic advisor. 
  • Consider a teacher preparation program and the benefits of the Fifth-Year BFA/MAT degree program.
  • Plan to enroll in one or both of the following courses: EDS 121 (Art Education, Human Development, and Culturally Sustaining Teaching) and EDS 122 (Inclusive Practices in Art Education).

Third Year

  • Discuss which two courses you want to double count for both your BFA and MAT degree with your advisor. These are typically:
    • One 100-level 4-credit studio art course, and
    • EDS 121 or EDS 122.
  • Discuss and decide which two courses you want to put in reserve for your MAT requirements, such as
    • Possibly:
      • EDS 130 (Human Development & Learning) or EDS 121 (Art Education, Human Development, and Culturally Sustaining Teaching)
      • EDS 160 series (Ed Foundation courses) or EDS 172 (Creating Inclusive Spaces)
      • EDS 270 (Universal Design in Art Education) or EDS 122 or EDS 142 (Education of the Exceptional Child)
  • Apply for Fifth-Year Program through the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Fourth Year

  • Refer to the timeline above for course suggestions.
  • Apply to the program, if you haven't already.
  • Complete required forms to double count up to two graduate courses and reserve up to two graduate courses for the MAT.

Note: Seniors must submit their graduation packet and Course Distribution Form to Student Services by May 1.

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