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While not mandatory, teaching assistantships (TA) are considered an important part of the educational experience of our MFA program.

Graduate teaching assistantships provide an invaluable opportunity for MFA candidates to gain experience teaching, conducting research, and/or developing administrative skills.

Graduate students learn teaching skills by working with faculty mentors. Faculty members work closely with their TA on how they can best support the course they are assigned to. Graduate TAs are often tasked with leading class discussions, offering constructive feedback to students, conducting research out of the studio, and managing special projects. 

A first-year graduate student interested in working as a teaching assistant in a specific area of study is advised to take at least one course in this area prior to applying for a TA position.  


Teaching Assistantships may require a commitment of 6 hours or 3 hours per week. Awards are as follows for the 2019-2020 academic year:

6 hours = $2,850 (total) divided into installments per semester
3 hours = $1,425 (total) divided into installments per semester

Application Process

Teaching Assistantships (TA) in studio courses are available to students in the MFA program on a competitive basis. 

Available positions are posted in the fall and spring in the Graduate Program Office. Following the application period, faculty representatives review candidates and make hiring selections. Selection criteria are based on a candidate’s CV and application, faculty recommendations, and previous TA performance, when applicable.

Please note:

Not all students who apply are selected to be matched with faculty for assistantships.
First-year Students can only TA starting the second semester of their first year.
Students cannot TA for more than 1 course per semester.
Students cannot not be enrolled in a class for which they are a TA.

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