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Artwork by Moon Hee Kim
Elevated Living
Copper and Steel, Oil on Canvas, 2017
Artwork by Moon Hee Kim
Vise Performance
Oil on Canvas, 2018
Artist statement

Maintenance Rehearsal

My art utilizes a diverse cross-section of media to examine the scientific inquiry on rising sea levels and the significant implications of everyday behavior in society. An essential technique is to produce still-life paintings that can better communicate information to the public by using appropriate intellectual and mechanical tools. Tools are the perfect symbol of metamorphosis into a new life. By using still-life techniques in paintings from site-specific and site-responsive installations, I explore how environment, society, and culture are discussing the issues created by rising sea levels. I conceptualize these problems from a causational perspective—cause and affect—and examine long-term implications. This enables a clearer picture of the results, which often present in different places and times, remote from their origins.

My still-life paintings and sculptures are the products of a space defined by my perceptions and experiences concerning objects in areas and times. They are a carefully constructed reality that manifests in the way I relate to the world. I seek to understand the inter-relationship between myself and the world within the context of climate change while affirming my place in it.