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Born in Delhi; raised in Hong Kong, Noor Chadha is a medium-independent artist currently creating works with paint, sound, and breath. Noor received her BFA from New York University in 2013 with a double major in studio art and psychology. As an MFA candidate at SMFA, her recent work seeks antidotes to isolation and othering via relational representation and exploratory celebration of belonging across time, space, and culture.

Artist Statement

Our mother tree reaches behind herself, a landscape of deep wrinkles upon soft skin, unhurriedly shifting till her palms connect, fingers active in reverse prayer. She remembers his wild cackle, her many babies’ births, their adventures of misunderstanding, growth, and transference. At 94, she glows bright despite the hauntings and lets out a mischievous giggle when we ask her for the latest gossip. She nurtures my broken Hindi and effortlessly erases anxieties with a timeless current of radical love.

Early morning, her love would join in universal vibration: aum. Curious little belly-button would sometimes take a peek. Sometimes, he’d invite her to sit with him, and she knew what she felt. I continue to play hide and seek with that elusive harmony to share, family-style with all – human and more-than – dancing through time, conducting space, freeing descendants from the weight of prolonged apathy, propagating compassion, and breathing reciprocity. Just being.

My work attempts pulsation, inclusion, and expansion through action, pigment, and breath. Unique boundaries of self and sound blur within the multisensorial hum of the universe as I investigate aging together, facing the unknown, and the act of letting go.


Noor Chadha - Lakshmi
Oil on linen, 44” x 33”
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