Being an artist is about making connections.

-Liz Maelane, BFA

It was important for me to have an open curriculum that I could determine for myself because I know what I want. That’s how I ended up at SMFA.

I tell stories using characters. For me, everything ends in performance but it involves sculpture, sound, and illustration. Performance lends itself really well to the process of illustrating and animating because I get to embody a character in all its different forms. 

Art is about connections. Being an artist is about making connections, to me. It’s hard to get the themes that you care about or worry about, especially heavy subject matter, to impact people in a beautiful and powerful way. At first, I was very concerned about not offending people, not making them feel uncomfortable, but that’s not going to get anybody anywhere. These are important conversations that people should have, and we can do that through art.

- Liz Maelane, BFA